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What we Are About

Following Jesus

Having a fulfilling spiritual journey shouldn’t be complicated. No one needs a degree in theology to follow Jesus. We believe teaching people how to get their fingerprints on the Bible is simple and essential, and leads to a face-to-face relationship with God.

BUilding Relationships

Authentic community is critical for spiritual transformation and wholeness. We were not created to live isolated and alone. Building relationships with others and sharing what God is doing in our lives teaches us what it’s like to live in the kind of community for which we were designed.


Multiplying Disciples

God doesn’t want us to keep his love to ourselves. Jesus’s last command should therefore be our first priority. We believe a follower of Jesus is someone that lives with the eternity of others in mind.

Our Current Sunday series

“For to us a child is born… 

And he shall be named…”

A couple thousand of years ago, people lived unsettled and precarious lives. 

The people were waiting–longing and hoping for something better. They weren’t happy with their circumstances, and they tried the best they could to make a living and support themselves and their families. They cared about their communities. They wanted to see their friends and families flourish. They wanted to live free lives filled with joy, peace, and happiness. They struggled with the fear and anxiety of what the day’s news might bring and how it would affect their lives.

They actually weren’t that different from us.  Don’t we often feel the same?

Coming December 24th

God With us

 What would it look like to operate as though God were truly WITH us?

That’s what the name “Emmanuel” means, and it’s a message our culture desperately needs. We need to know that God really is “with us” at all times and through all circumstances. If we can get that, then we can start to live in a way of thriving, and not just surviving.

Please join us for our Christmas Eve Services on December 24th. We will have two identical services, one starting at 4pm and the other starting at 6pm.

We invite you to attend as a family, as there will not be childcare available like there would be on a regular Sunday morning gathering.


Authenticity Means A Lot To Us

Watch the videos below to hear stories and better understand the vision that drives Shoal Creek.

The Power of Relationships

Neighbors sharing with neighbors how Jesus changed their lives.

The Power of Transformation

Three men share how Shoal Creek made Jesus accessible to them and their families.

The Power of Vision

This short video answers 5 basic questions:

What do we do?
Why do we do it?
How do we do it?
When are we successful?
Where are we going?

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Read the Bible and connect with others.

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Our address is:

6816 N Church Rd, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

We’re just north of QuikTrip near the intersection of I-35 and Pleasant Valley Road.

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