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A faith community for spiritual Explorers.


Find Freedom

Having a fulfilling spiritual journey shouldn’t be complicated. No one needs a degree in theology to follow Jesus. We believe everyone is created to experience an abundant, flourishing life, and we find that life through the freedom of having our own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pursue Passion

God works with our passions to bring transformation into our lives, and the world around us. We celebrate how we are each made by helping each other discover our unique callings and unleashing our passions to be difference makers.

Experience Authenticity

Authentic community is critical for spiritual transformation and wholeness. We were not created to live isolated and alone. Building relationships with others and sharing what God is doing in our lives teaches us what it’s like to live in the kind of community for which we were designed.

Easter Gatherings 2023 Sunday April 9th | 9:30am & 11am


Discover Easter Find Hope

Our current sunday series

Do you feel that life is moving too fast?

Like you can’t keep up? Like you desperately need to slow down, but can’t? 

Or, are you at the other end of the spectrum? Do you feel like you’ve lost traction? Like you’re not going anywhere at all?

Maybe your problem is that you can’t find the right gear.

When a car is going too fast, or too slow, we have to shift into a different gear to be moving at the appropriate speed. The same rules apply to us.

To be healthy humans, we have to have more than one gear for living life. We have to learn to shift up, or down, into different kinds of relating and capacity, so that we don’t run ourselves into the ground. And, so that we can be there for others.

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Six courses  to help you level up in areas of personal growth and need.

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Our address is:

6816 N Church Rd, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

We’re just north of QuikTrip near the intersection of I-35 and Pleasant Valley Road.

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