Do you feel that life is moving too fast?

Like you can’t keep up? Like you desperately need to slow down, but can’t? 

Or, are you at the other end of the spectrum? 

Do you feel like you’ve lost traction? Like you’re not going anywhere at all?

Maybe your problem is that you can’t find the right gear.

When a car is going too fast, or too slow, we have to shift into a different gear to be moving at the appropriate speed. The same rules apply to us.

To be healthy humans, we have to have more than one gear for living life. We have to learn to shift up, or down, into different kinds of relating and capacity, so that we don’t run ourselves into the ground. And, so that we can be there for others.

If you’re struggling with feeling like you don’t have control over the speed of your life, this series is especially for you.

Join us starting this March as we learn to use “The Five Gears” and shift into a healthier life

Our Topics will be…

March 5th – Gear 1 – Shifting Into Peace

March 12th  – Gear 2 – Shifting Into Presence

March 19th – Gear 3 – Shifting Into Play

March 26th – Gear 4 – Shifting Into Productivity

April 2nd – Gear 5 – Shifting Into Prolific


We gather on Sundays in-person at our Pleasant Valley Campus, or online at, at 9:30am.