Sunday Series

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

We are human.

Beautiful. But also broken.

Loved. Yet sometimes lost.

The bible suggests that, seeing us in this condition, God decided to meet us in our humanity. He decided to do something about it. He decided to enter the story himself. He decided to send his own son down to earth. To live and breath as the humans did. To laugh and cry. To hurt and rejoice. To bring answers. To live as us…human.

Join us for this December series, “HUMAN”, as we explore what it means to be humans, and what it means to have God enter the story of humanity as one of us. Below you will find a few things to help you on your journey.

Here is a link to our past services, so you can catch up, or explore topics on your own.

Here we will post regular updates throughout the month, providing extra resources that go along with each Sunday’s content to help you take additional steps in your spiritual journey.

Sunday December 5th – “Brokenness”

  • “Flesh” – This book by Hugh Halter is the book that has inspired our HUMAN series. This book explores the transformational power of God leaving heaven and entering earth in real flesh, like us, in Jesus.
  • “What Does Brokenness Look Like?” – This video from Dallas Willard (former professor at Dallas Theological Seminary) explores that very question, “What does brokenness really look like?”.
  • “Sin” – This video by the Bible Project explores this heavy, yet often misused word. What does the word “sin” really mean? And, what does that mean for us?

Sunday December 12th – “Incarnation”…


Sunday December 19th – “Humanity”…


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