What did he say vs what do we hear?

“Follow your heart.” “Be true to yourself.” “Believe in yourself.” 

None of those statements are necessarily wrong, but, did Jesus ever say them? Did Jesus ever say anything even like them?

What would Jesus have to say about some of our most culturally pervasive mantras? 

He was the most loving, compassionate, understanding figure ever to walk the earth. Yet, he said some things that seemed to contradict some of our most used self-motivational phrases.

Jesus said things like…

“Follow me.” 

“I am the truth.”

“Believe in me.”

“Deny yourself.”

Explore four things Jesus DIDN’T say, Sundays at 9:30am, this June, and see if there’s an underlying truth that will help you find a life that goes beyond our faddish cultural proverbs.

Our Topics will be…

June 2 – Follow Your Heart – Culture says, “Follow your heart.” What does culture really mean by that? Most likely it means, “Follow your feelings.” But are our feelings trustworthy enough to follow? Are there times we shouldn’t follow our feelings? What kind of life results if we always “follow our heart?” Jesus never said, “Follow your heart.” Jesus said, “Follow me.” What’s the difference?

June 9  – Be True To Yourself Culture says, “Be true to yourself.” What does culture really mean by that?” Normally it means, “Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your life.” But what if you’re not really that good at giving advice to yourself? What if God designed us to be just as committed to a community of people that know us intimately, and because they know us intimately, have the right to speak truth to us, even truth we don’t want to hear?”

June 16 – Believe In Yourself – Culture says, “Believe in yourself.” What it means is, “believe that you have everything you need to be successful if you just try hard enough.” But is that actually true? Aren’t there times when, no matter how hard we try, we still can’t accomplish our goals? How can we find the strength to keep going even when we DON’T believe in ourselves?

June 23 – Live Your Truth – Culture says, “Live your truth.” What does culture really mean by that?” Normally it means, “Live by the value system that most aligns with what you already believe, or most appeals to you, or makes you feel the best.” It’s saying, “Don’t doubt–just buy in.” And the underlying truth is this actually this–no one lives their own truth, but always the truth of someone who has come before them.

June 30 – Hearing What Jesus Actually Says – It is possible to hear what Jesus is actually saying. It’s possible to cultivate a relationship with him that is as profound as it is clear. It just takes practice. Join us this Sunday for a morning of hearing from Jesus in real time as end our Sunday gathering with contemplation and communion.

We gather on Sundays in-person at our Pleasant Valley Campus, or online at www.shoalcreek.tv, at 9:30am.