Our Lonely Reality

There is a reality that many of us suffer from. It’s a reality of not feeling truly known, and therefore never truly loved.  

It’s a reality of having more contacts on our phones than we can keep track of, but existing in a conveniently contactless way of life.  

Surrounded, we exist alone. 

Our reality doesn’t have to be this way. There is a kind of life that fills in the relational cracks and emotional gaps. A kind of life that makes a way for regular, meaningful, human encounters. A kind of life where our capacity for community isn’t neglected.

Join us as we push back against an UNCONNCETED life, and take arms against our lonely reality. 

Our Sunday Series will address…

September 10th – Being Neighborly – Busyness, apathy, distrust of others. Our communities cannot thrive with such relational erosion constantly eating away at the few opportunities we get to be connected to each other. How do we fight against community erosion? By recovering a life of being neighborly. 

September 17th – Living Authentically – Getting under the surface of our lives is often uncomfortable at best, and excruciating at worst. The walking imposters we call our lives set us up for living authentically and keeping anyone from knowing the real us. How do we break the shell of sterile politeness we are so used to?  By learning to live authentically.

September 24th – Serving Graciously – If we want to see change in our communities, we can’t wait for someone else to step in and make it happen. There isn’t a superhero waiting in the wings to swoop in and save the day. There’s not a wizard with a magic wand who’s going to whisper some magic words and make everything better. Real change is made by ordinary people who choose to live unreasonable hospitable lives, serving their community and neighbors graciously, in ways that change the trajectory of everyday life..

We gather on Sundays IN PERSON at our Pleasant Valley Campus, or online at www.shoalcreek.org/watch at 9:30am.