What if being a good neighbor was the biggest piece of solving our problems?

Could good neighboring solve most of the problems we face in the world today?

Think about it… 

What if you lived in a neighborhood where you connected with the others around you, sharing resources, wisdom, time and empathy?

What would that feel like? How could that help you raise your children, or care for a spouse?

What if you were known not by your income or job description, but your identity as a human?

We believe that kind of community is possible, and we’re going to explore what keeps us from saying yes to Mr. Roger’s most famous question:

“Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Here will be the topics we discuss each Sunday, along with any resources we may post as the series moves along.

Sunday May 1st – The Great Commandment

Sunday May 8th – The Time Barrier

Sunday May 15th – The Fear Factor

Sunday May 22nd – Team Neighboring

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