How can we know God personally?

If our main image of God is that of an old, gray, wizened figure, sitting high upon a cloud, then our imagination needs a drastic realignment. We really are missing out awfully. 

The Bible speaks of four main metaphors, picture images, of what it’s like to seek out, find, and know God personally. Those metaphors aren’t of a wizened old man or a church pews plotted out in nice little rows.

The main metaphors of the Bible are much more personal. Much more relatable. Much more accessible. 

Do you know God in these ways?

Our Sunday topics will be…

February 4 – Knowing God As Shepherd – This Sunday is about finding and knowing God when we have wandered into the lost places of the world.

February 11  – Knowing God As Spouse – This Sunday is about knowing God as an intimate partner, someone we are one with, in life.

February 18 – Knowing God As Parent – This Sunday is about knowing God as an unconditionally loving parent, something none of us have ever had.

February 25 – Knowing God As King – This Sunday is about learning to know God, and trust him, as the one who is best fit to be in charge of our lives.

We gather on Sundays IN PERSON at our Pleasant Valley Campus, or online at at 9:30am.