Sunday Series

Ted Lasso isn’t just a show that is centered on Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach from Kansas, brought over to England to coach a Premier League soccer team. Ted Lasso is a prophetic illustration of how grace and humility can change a world that feeds on arrogance and judgment. Characters are transformed by this seemingly simple, middle-aged man, going through a divorce, who has been plucked out if his life and inserted into a place of unfamiliarity. He’s lost, but not without direction. He suffers like anyone else, but, his brand of hope is unwavering and an inspiration of staggering proportions. Join us this month as we explore the themes of Ted Lasso and the power of “believe”.

Want to catch up on watching our Ted Lasso Sunday Experiences? Watch past services here.

Looking for some more resources that go along with our “Ted Lasso” Sunday Series? Read below. Each week we’ll be sharing resources with you that specifically relate to each topic. We’ll update this list as we progress through the month.

Sunday Nov 7th – Be Curious, Not Judgmental:  Be different then the world around you. Instead of assuming you have the answers, be curious and ask questions. Here are some question asking lists that can make it easy to get going:.

Sunday Nov 14th – Accountability Matters:  Here are two steps you can take this week to make grace more real in your life

  • Spend time listening to the song “Run To The Father” by Cody Carnes. It’s what we ended this past Sunday’s service with. Reflect on the lyrics and find the phrase that creates the most emotion in yourself. Ask yourself, “Why? Why do those words create that emotion in me?” And if you want, text us what God is saying to you about those words. Send your message to 844-506-4637, and someone will absolutely get back to you this week.
  • A book we’ve promoted continuously throughout our 26 years is “Abba’s Child” by Brennen Manning. Maybe you already have it? If so, go back and re-read the chapter four “Abba’s Child”. Don’t have the book. Don’t have the book? Here’s Chapter 4 of Abba’s Child for free.

    Sunday Nov 21st – The Family We Make Along The Way: Here are two steps you can take this week to embrace and provide opportunities for community:

    • Attend our Nov 23rd Shoal Creek “Friendsgiving” and Communion Gathering. RSVP HERE.
    • Participate in “Love Where You Live – This Christmas” by leading a family advent, or hosting a kids advent experience. Details Here.

    Sunday Nov 28th – I Believe In Believe: We’re all wrapped up with Ted Lasso! But here are three more steps you can take this week to put the message into practice.

    • The Holy Spirit is God’s personal presence, but what does that mean? How does God plan to change the entire world through his Spirit? Watch this short video:
    • The Winter (Jan through Mar) Rhythmation Guide is now available in our bookstore for $10. It can help you establish rhythms of intimacy and obedience in your personal relationship with God.
    • November 28th isn’t just the last Sunday in November. It also marks the first day of Advent. What exactly is Advent? Advent is intentional preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The Advent season can remind us not only of Jesus’ birth, but of his continual presence in our lives. Take a step by signing up for our Advent Scripture plan. Text “ADVENT” to 844-506-4637 to get daily scripture passages between now and Christmas, helping you reflect on what this season is all about.