giving tuesday 2021

Replacing and Updating Auditorium Sound System


For this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign, we are raising money to specifically go towards replacing our sound system. Why? We believe that we offer an entirely unique experience for spiritually exploring people looking for a place to gather on Sunday mornings. The biggest resource tied to what we do uniquely on Sundays is our sound system, and it is on its way out. Our sound system is so out of date that we are having problems finding replacement parts for it, and other sound engineering companies are refusing to service it.

To replace and update our sound system we need to raise $88,000. Yes. This is a big goal, and something that would completely stretch us to accomplish. But we know we can get there! Would you help us raise the money needed to replace and update the sound system that allows us to do what we do on Sundays? We already have a head start of $11,100 to help us get there.

Here’s how to participate and make a donation to our 2021 Giving Tuesday Campaign…

1. Give Online. 

  • We have a secure giving webpage. CLICK HERE to access that page.
  • On that page, enter the amount you’d like to give.
  • Then, under the “Select a Fund” dropdown box, select “Giving Tuesday”.
  • Click next, and follow the instructions to donate.


2. Give Through this Shoal Creek App.

  • Download our Shoal Creek App HERE.
  • Once you have it installed, open it and scroll down to the “Giving” button. Click on it and enter the amount you desire to give, and select “Giving Tuesday” from the “Select a Fund” drop down menu.
  • Follow the instructions from there to make a donation.


3. Give In-Person.

  • You can write a check or put cash in an envelope. Write “Giving Tuesday” in the memo of the check, or on the outside of the envelope so that we know it’s designated for Giving Tuesday. Deposit that cash or check in one of the black boxes we have mounted next to the doors leading into/out of our auditorium.
  • We have a giving kiosk in the lobby where you can use a credit or debit card. To use it, find a member of our Guest Services Team They will have a lanyard around their neck identifying themselves. They can walk you over to our Giving Kiosk and help you use your credit or debit card to make a donation.


4. Text “Giving Tuesday” to our Shoal Creek Text-Line.

  • Text the two words “GIVING TUESDAY” to the phone number (844) 506-4637.
  • You will get a text back from us giving you directions for how to give.