About Us

Shoal Creek desires to see every person develop their own face-to-face relationship with God.

We exist to Make Jesus accessible in everyday life.

Our hope is that by attending shoal creek you will experience a life that feels more like heaven and less like hell.

Read more below to learn about our staff and our core beliefs.

Get To Know Our Staff

Sean Hoeflicker is married to Julie and they’ve been a part of Shoal Creek since 2000. They have two adult children, Zach and Kaylee. Zach is married to Taylor and they have two children, Huxlee and Renlee. Kaylee is married to Grant and they have a dog named Bo.

Sean has been a full-time staff member since 2006 and in addition to speaking occasionally, he supports the teams carrying out our strategy at the Campus in Pleasant Valley. He is also responsible for developing our Pathway to help people engage and take steps on their spiritual journeys.

You can contact Sean at: sean.hoeflicker@shoalcreek.org

Pat Lowe has been Shoal Creek’s receptionist since 2010. She’s often the first voice a person hears or the first face a person meets when they step foot on our campus.

General questions about Shoal Creek’s ability to serve you can be sent to Pat at: Front.Desk@shoalcreek.org.

Candy Moran is one of the original visionaries and founders of Shoal Creek Community Church. She and her husband, Roy, have lived in the Liberty community for the last 40 years. Candy oversees the Children’s Ministries at Shoal Creek, along with coaching and serving our Creative Arts Teams.

You can contact Candy at: Candy.Moran@shoalcreek.org.

One of the first pioneers of Shoal Creek, Roy has been guiding the direction of Shoal Creek since 1993 and is a graduate of Baylor University & Dallas Theological Seminary. Roy is married to Candy (also a staff member) and they have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Roy serves as our lead visionary, overseeing the staff and Shoal Creek’s mission of Making Jesus Accessible.  Roy’s book, Spent Matches, chronicles Shoal Creek’s journey.

You can contact Roy at: Roy.Moran@shoalcreek.org.

Jason Perry has been on staff at Shoal Creek for 20 years. He is our lead financial officer and campus supervisor. In addition to those responsibilities, he leads our Marriage Community. Jason is married to Diana Perry, and together they have two children and two grandchildren.

You can contact Jason at: Jason.Perry@shoalcreek.org.

Justin has been a full-time staff member since 2007. He oversees our Communications & Community Network. Justin is married to Erin, a fifth grade teacher in the Liberty Public School system. Together they have three children, and a golden retriever named Honey.

You can contact Justin at: Justin.Talley@shoalcreek.org.

Get To Know Our Beliefs

At Shoal Creek We Believe… 

1. In one God with three distinct persons, God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe God is the supreme Creator of everything in the universe.

2. Jesus was born from a virgin mother, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, returned from the grave, and will return to earth once again.

3. Eternal life is a gift from God that cannot be earned no matter what and that gift can only come through a trusting relationship with Jesus.

4. To love Jesus is to obey Him with honesty, with respect, and without compromise.

5. Those who follow Jesus will feel an inner spiritual transformation as the Holy Spirit comforts, guides, and even confronts them.

6. The Bible is the word of God and being the word of God, it is our trustworthy final authority. We use it as our guide to find God’s heart and become like Jesus.

7. The church acts as the body of Jesus and should be an extension of His character. We should strive to accurately represent Jesus’ attitudes, behaviors, and mission in our world today.

8. All humans will stand before Jesus and receive a final judgment, those with a trusting relationship with Him will spend eternity in His presence, and those without will spend an eternity separated from Him.

9. According to God’s design and intent, sex difference (male and female) is an intrinsic part of human design, and the Christian view of marriage is between one man and one woman.